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Neopren Compilation - French Electric Underground

Eure frischen Produktionen, gepresst oder digitalisiert auf dem Musikmarkt

Neopren Compilation - French Electric Underground

UNREAD_POSTvon Flyer » Mi 27. Apr 2011, 11:46

French Electric Underground // RELEASE INFOS
ALBUM-TITLE: FEU / french electric underground
RELEASE DATE: February 24th 2011
FORMAT: double vinyl / CD / digital
DISTRIBUTION: straight distribution


01 - KUMISOLO feat SAORI / tokimeki tonight
02 - HYPO & ADK / coco adk-remix
03 - KARTEI / immortal riot
04 - ULTRAJOVE / my own nemesis
05 - EDH / california roll
06 - ANABEL'S POPPY DAY / srilanka
07 - LABRANISCH / the big whale
08 - AUBE L. with POP-3 / a song for your silence
09 - POP-3 aka TK.KIM / alcool, drogues et volupté
10 - BANDANA / hole in the arctic
11 - THEREMYNT / wonder
12 - THUY-NHAN / fire in your eyes
13 - DJ GOMOR / some people like daft punk but I prefer the funk

So: YES! - the French underground is alive and thriving. YES! – it‘s rich and colorful! And NO! – It doesn‘t care much for surfing the trend wave or satisfying the average taste bud.
French Electronic Underground, which can also be read as FEU – meaning Fire, is a 13 song compilation showcasing the rich Electronica scene that‘s been steadily brewing behind the tired four-to-the-floor French wall-of-sound export. The record was conceived to showcase the most unique and thoroughly Gallic modern sound hybrids and sure shot
fire starters. Stylistically, the LP falls somewhere between Experimental Pop, Rock infused Electro, 80s Geek-o tronica, Singer Song-Glitch-Writer material and Avante-Tech. Each song on the compilation was not only cherry picked for writing, production quality and originality, but also for a strong sense of personality and a distinct artistic signature.
FEU is a compact collection of sonic hyperlinks leading to a network of clubs, galleries, studios, and basements scattered all over Paris and throughout France, where the sonic experiment continues.


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