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Urla Ender - Is Different...!?

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Urla Ender - Is Different...!?

UNREAD_POSTvon Flyer » Mi 27. Apr 2011, 11:49

Artist: Urla Ender
Title: ...Is Different!?
No.: SBR007
Label: Schallbox Records
Style: Techno / Minimal

A1 Urla Ender - 13.0 - (Original)
A2 Urla Ender - 13.0 - (Smalltown Collective Remix)
B1 Urla Ender - 13.0 - (Gabriel Le Mar Remix)
B2 Urla Ender - 29.0 - (Steve Cole Remix)
Digital Bonus - Urla Ender - 13.0 - (Oliver Markreich Remix)

Urla Ender, these masters of analog synthesizer processing are the next clue, who we have
been proudly signed on our label. Ralf & Criss Urland are recently on tour and performing a
live-act in the clubs of this planet, rather they are experienced cosmonauts in the universe of
electronic music.
Clockwork and Index ID are only few synonyms of Ralf’s previous path to here, which brought
him innumerable releases besides his partition of one of the most favored live-projects in the
last decade.
13.0 is the reduced title of the original track, which reflects as well the puristic approach of the
sound. Oldschool manner meets analog waves on swinging grooves, that cleares the way
across the galaxy.
Gabriel Le Mar pitches down the velocity and touches down on the magical fairy’s planet! His
silver bullet is the game of dice and conjures the fairies with an ocean of moments in
happiness, what ends up in joyful dancing. Playing games has ever been his passion!
The trip goes on in low level flight mode. The Smalltown Collective offers clearer strings with a
dose of deepness, and the “digital only” remix from Oliver Markreich circulates airplanes
around his sounds, sets up a tender landing with his smooth basslines, for changing the
cockpit to Steve Cole’s remix of 29.0. He shoots the fire with wide-opened claps and crunching
the gear, while spreading the music by the machine into the width of the universe.


http://soundcloud.com/schallbox-records ... iginal-mix

http://soundcloud.com/schallbox-records ... tive-remix

http://soundcloud.com/schallbox-records ... -mar-remix

http://soundcloud.com/schallbox-records ... cole-remix

http://soundcloud.com/schallbox-records ... eich-remix

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