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BlackFoxMusic Compilation - Kapitel 2 - BFM010

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BlackFoxMusic Compilation - Kapitel 2 - BFM010

UNREAD_POSTvon Flyer » Di 30. Aug 2011, 00:19

Artist: Compilation
Title: Kapitel 2
No.: BFM 010
Label: BlackFoxMusic
Release: 03.06.2011
Style: House / Electro


A1: L Kubic – Go Ahead
A2: Tokra Thaan– Latin Lover (James Flavour Remix)
B2: Alex Cappelli – Mother Nature
B3: Eltron Feat Jake The Rapper – Ripping
C1: Stereofunk & Cornholio – Be
C2: Toureau feat.Miss Gee - Electric Disco
C3: Hardy Hard – Get With It
D1: TrockenSaft – Stickstoff
D2: Swen Weber – Freak Like
D3: Flat Fuzz - Kill Them All

Kapitel 2, and once everything is new!

The collaboration of talented young producers and skilled heroes of the scene provides a
colorful picture of the current sound development of the label in 2011. Between tempo
throttled, Acid infected dancefloorkillers of L Kubic and old school groove monsters of
Tokra Thaan in a Remix of James Flavour up to grinding minimal beats with hypnoticflashing
sounds of Trockensaft, to Chameleon tracks from Swen Weber, which welcomes
you with a Dancehall impregnated Beat in a 4/4 beat corset, which is ironed in the
course of its construction and stay suddenly like a stomping and snorting steam train in
the ear canal.
And if then Hardy Hard mates early nineties rave influences with house vocals and Flat-
Fuzz comes with a ghostly-kicking sampletrack around the corner which is just as Hip
Hop as Electro, it is clear, that these pieces are absolute killers of their guild, from the
first to the last track, and each of them is conspicuous by its own distinctive aesthetic.
Originality is all...


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