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Tonsport Music 004 // Nitefighter - Terrible EP

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Tonsport Music 004 // Nitefighter - Terrible EP

UNREAD_POSTvon ProMoe » Di 24. Sep 2013, 17:34

genre: techhouse, deep house
released: 2013-09-19


*** tracklist ***
1. Nitefighter – Terrible (Original Mix)
2. Nitefighter – Nightfighter (Original Mix)
3. Nitefighter – Owhnoh (Original Mix)

*** listen ***

*** buy ***
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*** links ***

*** some feedbacks ***
Jose Maria Ramon / Ibiza Global Radio - will play this track in my shows on Ibiza Global Radio
someone else - nice ep
russ gabriel - I'll definitely play this one a spin at the weekend.
Taj - wicked tunes!
Vin Vega - Owhonoh for me thx !!!
Bebetta - great package. thank you! Nightfighter gefällt mir am besten und wird bestimmt gespielt.
Oliver Gross - wieder eine fette Ep auf Tonsport Music! Mein Fave ist Nightfighter....sehr geiler Groove und geht gut nach vorne...sehr nice!!
Michael Otten (Stencil Records)+A12:A36 - wow..what a deep track! love it
Camiel Daamen - Will try out Owhnoh!
Richie Hawtin - downloaded for r hawtin
Dgeorge - Nice stuff. Deep, grooy, soulful!
Jesper Jay - I like "terrible" in cause of his deep beat who pushes forward. When beat comes back after break - amazing energy for the crowd..
Digital FM - DFM - Nice EP! TNX DFM
Igor Brzovic - Terrible sounds nice for me, some deep & dark tunes, nice one..thnx for sending...
Stefan K - Nightfighter has a cool grove, will try this one!
Dj Hildegard - BRETT ! -support-
Rick Walker - Owhnoh - toller atmosphärischer Mix
Enzo Tedeschi - In love with Terrible, will definitely play it and chart it. Thanks for the music
Kaotee - Gotta love the iceicebaby-groove in Terrible! And really nice deepness in Owhnoh..! Will play all tracks for sure
Marius Lehnert - 'Owhnoh' is a good track to start into a night, will play it!
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