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24.02.12: Berlin - HellDrop @ RAUM Berlin

Auch mal über den Tellerrand gucken...

24.02.12: Berlin - HellDrop @ RAUM Berlin

UNREAD_POSTvon ZIM » Mi 22. Feb 2012, 01:20

Event: HellDrop
Ort: Berlin
Location: RAUM Berlin
Datum: 24.02.12
Link: http://helldrop.wordpress.com

HellDrop - New, Wicked, Insane, Stoopid
Drum'n'Bass, Hard Dubstep, Drumtek, Drumstep, Breakcore

Massive KIRSCH AUDIO 6-Point Soundsystem:
6 Subwoofers, 6 Tops and a booming 5500 Watts.
Plus we'll have some special nightmarish visuals by RAZZATOMICA :mrgreen:

===WHEN & WHERE===
On Friday, February 24th we'll get together at RAUM, Ziegrastr. 15, close to S-Bahn Sonnenallee.
RAUM is in the top floor of an old industrial building. Large glass windows are surrounding the RAUM, offering a great view on Berlin at all times. In the morning you'll be able to see the sun rise. It's really amazing.

Event on Facebook: HellDrop @ Raum

HellDrop is a project that came out of the darkness. Hard Parties with even harder music, ranging from Drum'n'Bass to Hard Dubstep, Drumtek, and Drumstep to Breakcore. Really anything Bass and faster than 140 BPMs. With people who are fun, nice and tolerant.
We don't care where you're from or who you are. But FUCK Nazis!
Join us and have a feast of wicked bass tunes and heavy in-your-face music :)
Get stupid with us and forget the fucked-up reality!
Join ZIM, Beatxo and Santisima Virgen Maria as they take you to another dimension of extreme audio indulgence.

===LINE UP===
ZIM [HellDrop]
Santisima Virgen Maria [Off Me Nut Records / Day of the Droids]
Beatxo [HellDrop ]

HellDrop on Soundcloud

Great Set by Santisima Virgen Maria (jungle/breakcore/speedcore-ish) :

Santisima Virgen Maria on Day of the Droids
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Re: 24.02.12: Berlin - HellDrop @ RAUM Berlin

UNREAD_POSTvon Besho1990 » Do 16. Mai 2013, 13:15

Oh, da war ich doch letztes Jahr in Berlin! War ein klasse und werde wieder hingehen. :D
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Registriert: Do 16. Mai 2013, 13:04
Music is the medicine of my mind!

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